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Case for Raspberry PI

Tonight’s job was dedicated to a custom case for Raspberry PI. The main goal of this case is for my own favourite project: NetPi Scanner.
This case can be usefull for many other projects that I can make or even YOU. It uses 1 push button and 2 leds. By buying this case, you are ready to make something usefull with GPIO interface and 2 leds for playing. You don’t need to weld any wires or cut your fingers. Is plug’n’play.


In this box, PIN 7 and 14 are used for leds, PIN 22 is for the push button. So, with a little Python or Bash, you can easily build some responsiveness to your Pi – You can trigger anything with the button and make an action, send an email, reboot the Pi, enable or disable services, restart some script…. your imagination will rules. You even have 1 green led and a red one for visual alerts, services status, new emails, temperature alerts….. once again, just imagine.



The web interface for configuration is also with a new look, and getting better and better. This web interface is for NetPi Scanner, but you can easily change IP address, NetMask and Gateway and even reboot the Pi.



More info at: info@eduardoluis.com



Raspberry Pi VoIP – Avoid roaming taxes

Raspberry PI continues to surprise us with the low cost solutions we can build by our own.

This time I have a PBX solution to avoid roaming costs between our office in Brasil and our headquarters in Portugal. This solution also works when people are traveling around europe (very usual) too.

So, basically I have a Raspberry PI running Asterisk and configured as a public PBX (security issues had been taken). I also have a Huawei E180 GSM modem to route outside or inside calls to landline or mobile phones or even internal extensions.

So, when people are traveling, they just open their favourite application for Android or iPhone trough wireless or 3G and call the desired number. The call is routed (free) trough internet and the raspberry just forward the call trough the GSM modem. So, the call is completly free because we have thousands of free minutes to use in our rate contrat.