RFID NetPI Scanner

The RFID is another technology that we can play and combine with the Raspberry PI. To get started with RFID/NFC, I just made a big improvment to my last project – NetPi Scanner – the USB network scanner. I’ve just replaced the push buttons with the RFID/NFC sensor.


At the begining, we could have one button for one e-mail address destination. I improved on another version for 3 to 5 buttons and all configurable through a web interface. Now, with RFID/NFC the possibilities of e-mail destinations are completely huge.


I have used a kit including 2 diferent tags. In this case, I have used this tags to identify diferent people. Each one with their own e-mail address. So I could replace the buttons to an infinite e-mail addresses acording to our needs.
The python script was a little bit modified. This way, the input is made with the RFID and their tags and not with the GPIO inputs (push buttons).






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