NetPi Scanner – Network scanner

NetPi Scanner is a product born from the One Button Scan to E-mail – A Raspberry Pi solution developed from the need to provide the simplest interface to send scanned documents to an e-mail address. The first purpose to develop such solution was for people with lack of knowledge in the IT area.
Just a Raspberry Pi, an old scanner and a network – This is the perfect setup for a low cost solution and for people that are not used to IT.


NetPi Scanner is now improved, released with version 1.0,  Five buttons and a web interface so you can setup the Mail settings, Destination e-mail addresses and Subject Lines for each button. There are a few internal changes on packages avoiding the use of bind.


As you can see in the picture, that was my first prototype board for testing. Like the original solution, there are 2 leds yet: One for system ready, the other one for system busy. A smaller board is now being developed.



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