Capacitive Touch Switch

Back to 2010, I realized that the company I worked for had a missing piece on their products.


Besides acoustics products, the company develops and sells partitions. Glass partitions are very popular in these days. But a small piece was missing: How to put the light switch on the glass?


That was another chalenge that I’ve spotted by my self and would like to solve.


I started to seek all the internet for that kind of product. I couldn’t believe that was not found. No such product was for sale or developed for glass partitions. Ok, the chalenge just grew up: To develop a capacitive switch for glass partitions to turn on and off the lights.
I found an electronic company that worked like a pro and in about 6 months we had the final product. After some testing and diferent versions, the final result was born with the name of TOQ, from Castelhano & Ferreira and Eduardo Luís.


You can see it here: